Meredith Rockefeller, Northern Virginia, Natural-light, Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer



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About me:

I have always loved photography, and over the years my various cameras have gone with me everywhere.  I have had plenty of practice chasing young children around with a camera, and now that my three are in school, I have time to chase and take pictures of other people's children and help create lasting family mementos.

Photography is all about capturing memories, and, generally people want those memories to be carefree, and happy.  I look for the unscripted moments, and natural smiles to catch a family's warmth, and affection for one another through their normal, everyday interaction.

 My favorite pictures of my own children and family are the lifestyle photos that catch the moment, most of the time, without them even knowing.

 My work has been published in Click Magazine, and featured on photography websites such as: Clickin' Moms, In Beauty & Chaos, The Dark Room, Beyond the Wanderlust, The Snappy Mama, Light Inspired, Little Bellows,  Love Photographs Beautifully, Photographer's Connection, ProPhoto Stop, Evoking You, Life, Defined, Gone with the Lens, Spark, Snap Maven, Everything for Photography, The Gratitude Collaborative, and Moore Life Magazine Co..

 I'm a Click Pro at Click & Company, and am also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project which provides portrait sessions to pediatric cancer patients.


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